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The micro-producer sponsorship allows you to get into business without initial investment.


As a sponsored micro-producer, you agree to act as a host-service for a spawning operation.

A host-service provider provides the environment and the sponsor provides the fruiting substrate and shares in the profits of replication and micro-production.


Kit contains:

> 1 Micro-producer Agreement

> 1 Micro-replicator Agreement (licensing upgrade option - subscribe to auto-upgrade)

> 2 Replicator boxes containing 20 grow bags each

> 20 consumer kit boxes (resales at $35/box)

> 40 spore prints (top 40 species)

> 40 seringes

> 1 Still air box

> 1 Scapel

> 1 micro-torch

> 1 spray bottle

> Instructions and technical support line


80 KG of substrate + wholesale discount rates (you get your shrooms' dirt cheap ;)


You can get it in all in-one bags as 40 bags @ 2 KG/bag and the shipping box is the monotub, getting production to dirt-cheap, yet conveniently consumable, making your production profitable.


Produces a fully functional micro-replicator kit for your license assigned producer without any guess work. Why stress? PS. Reishi mushrooms can help with that ;) It's the Ginsen of shroom. Need focus? How about more energy and stamina? There's a species for every ailment.


Gourmet mushroom volume production potential:


= 60Kg of fruit @ $25/Kg = $1500 + 1 Micro-replication ($700/2) or 20 Consumer kits @ $35 = $700

= $2200 per replication cycle (6-8 weeks or 7-8 * / year)

= about $14,400 / year.


Please note, additional dirt and spawn will need to be added with every 3 flushes or blooms, however projected revenue remains constant at about $14,400 annually for each 80Kg substrate batch production area (about 12'X12' @ 144 square feet = $100/sqf for growing gourmet mushrooms) and spent mushroom compost is perfect soil for herbs and micro-greens.

Value of your sponsorship:

$(1500+700)/2 * 7 = + $7,700 for each sponsored micro-producer / year.


Investment of $700 = + $7,700 / year (Factor * 11 on investment = 1100% annual)


Note: All sales, marketing and advertising and accounting is managed by our online systems and administrative and affiliate teams.

You may join our affiliate apprenticeship program. Earn up to 25% on commissions and drive traffic to your site, create your own brand and expand your operations .

Join our core team and derive life-long residuals on all micro-producer agreements secured by your future online strategies.


Commissions on sales and deliveries, are issued bi-weekly, unless otherwise requested.

You are also self-employed and may have new tax credits and advantages. Please speak to a tax advisor for details.


Replications maybe shipped as spore prints or live mycelium serum depending on customer requests.

You may receive orders to ship fresh vacuum sealed mushroom. If you would like to participate in the shipping of fresh fruit, please request a freeze dryer and vacuum sealer when speaking to your site-sponsorship administrator.


All product substrate and delivery costs are pre-paid on consignment orders so you have no out of pocket production costs.


Commissions on shipments are paid at a rate of 25% of retail value for sponsored producer and 25% for sponsoring Licensed Micro-replicator.



Clients can create default preferences and pre-order specific species for production by their chosen local micro-producer, sign consumer delegated grower agreements to specify periodic volume orders, single production runs or purchase from listed availabilities through our members only Shop.

Do you have bloom? list today ;)


Please note, if you can not guarantee a mold and mildew free environment, you are required to select a full Micro-replicator license, as you will need to sponsor a Micro-production host facility.

  • Requirement

    Sponsoring micro-replicator.  Your request for sponsorship will be posted through our micro-replicator network.   You will be contacted once a replicator has signed for your sponsorship.

  • Host Service Agreement

    I agree to host micro-production equipment and substrate in exchange for sharing in the profits of replication and production.

    I understand that I am an independant service provider contracted by my licensed provider and not an agent nor associate of

    I agree to prepare at my own cost an air tight space in a disenfected region of my house or facility and will sponsor the purchase of additional equipement for expansion if desired although not required, which will be covered under section 13 of my sponsored Micro-producer agreement.   

    I understand that the money back guarantee only applies to equipment in good working order with proper receipts. 

    I also understand that I will not derive royalties from the spore drive sponsorships nor from the sub-affiliate network volumes resulting from the micro-replications until my licensing agreement subscription (13) is comleted or paid-out in full. 

  • Recommended

    If you are unable to purchase or finance your Micro-replication licences in order to lock in your network position and unlock access to all species in the archive, it is recommended that you request the Micro-replicator Easy Monthly License option to initiate self-sponsorship.   

    Lock-in your sub-affiliate network and earn 100% on all commissions after your 10th month.

    Self-sponsoring requests are 400% more likely to find a sponsor as you are effectively guaranteeing repayment of the sponsorship financing.

  • Kits - Our specialty

    Home Kits - sizes vary from 1 - 40 species per shipping box with volume discounts


          Types / Incubator Box                Retails

                          1                                       $35

                          2                                       $60

                          3                                       $85

                          4                                       $95

                          5                                       $105

                        10                                       $200 - micro-kitchen kit

                        20                                       $350 - micro-replicator kit

                        40                                      $500 - cosmo kit (80 Kg, 40 varieties)


    You can always order home kits for yourself, family and friends and anyone who deserves an unual gift, to grow and enjoy:)


    One of our local micro-producers will be more than glad to help make your mushroom bloom, a happy Zoom :P

  • Legal disclaimer

    Purchase orders for the purpose of consumption comes with a consumer delegated grower agreement and waiver of liabilities for the micro-producer. 


    *"magic" mushrooms which are allowed for growth for scientific purposes are not ment for consumption within Canada at this time, although kits may be ordered for hobby mycology and facility production readiness demonstration.


    Many laws exists around the world and you are responsible for knowing and complying with the local laws in your governing region. 

  remains in compliance with the Canadian regulations and is preparing to deliver gourmet and medicinal mushroom products to the opening global markets, including Canada and the United States, which is expecting FDA approvals within the next 2 years.    Legal dispensories currently exist in Vancouver, BC.


    Many studies have noted the vast potential benefits of these natural healers not limited to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and many other mental and physical illnesses including cancer and have been part of proven treatments since ancient times.

  • Replications

    Replications maybe shipped as spore prints, live mycelium serum  or germinated grain or substrate depending on customer requests. 

    All product substrate and delivery costs are pre-paid on consignment orders so you have no production costs. 

  • Volume Pre-Order Values

         Fresh vacuum sealed gourmet mushroom $25/1 Kg, $160/8 Kg, $200/13 Kg 

C$3,250.00 Regular Price
C$0.00Sale Price
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