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Program 13 - Food for Life

Program 13 - Food for Life

Join the fastest growing micro greens and mycelium production network and earn $700 - $14,000 per month, all from part-time efforts. 


Under program 13, your objective is to complete 1 micro-cosmo kit replication per month for 13 months, in order to secure $14,000 per month in residual revenues within 3 years.


Let our licensing team program you into the largest mega-trend predicted for this decade, micro production and replicator services.   


This mega trend is only going to get bigger, as more people search for ways to decrease their living expenses.  You can cut 50% of your daily food expenses by growing your own guaranteed micro-substance food.


Act now to take advantage of a limited time offer to sponsor your species of choice to our repository.  Residuals are $2.50 / print for each species ordered from the Spore Repository or micro-replicators.  

Please note, there are over 14, 000 species available for sponsorship to any archive.  There are many archives racing towards this goal, however is well on the way to become the largest single sourcde archive of certified spore species in the world.   Please join us, together we will win the race and deliver earth friendly super nutrition to the hungry world.


Your Micro-replicator license includes your network license agreement, automated compensation from your multi-tiered micro-producer network (Program 13) and your micro-producer cosmid spawning kit and subscriptions (Unlimited species).


Please note, there are no sales requirements and zero to minimal start up, depending on your sponsorship approval. 


All sales and marketing is handled by the affiliate teams and orrders are provided through the marketing channels. 


Money back guarantee on equipment.  


As a micro-replicator,  you will automatically grow an unlimited revenue network through micro-producers and produce fresh food at about $0.50/lbs.  


Following simple instructions you will simply replicate your source mycelium and/or seed and automatically assist to establish new associated micro-producers, with the result of building a revenue and food production network, and yes, you will get orders for mushrooms :)


Get into the ShroomZoom - it's ShroomTastic :)  


Contact our team at 825-512-5399 today for a free consultation. 

    C$2,800.00 Regular Price
    C$1,400.00Sale Price
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